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sasuke was on his way to training when a pink haired girl stopped him she had been following him all day but he had no clue. The pink haired girl is sakura haruno and she is in love with sasuke. Anyway the reason why sakura had stopped sasuke from training is that this is the first day she had seen sasuke for about 3 years because sasuke had left the leaf village 3 years ago but he has now came back. When sasuke found out who had stopped him he wanted to run away because every time he's around sakura the more that he wants to tell her how much he loves her. Then sasuke started to walk towards her and then he kissed sakura to tell her how much he loves her.But there is just one problem and that problem is that sakura is going out with nauto ever since sasuke had left. After sakura ended the kiss she told sasuke that she was going out with naruto. Now sasuke is mad because sasuke loves sakura but sakura is going out with the crazy ass naruto.
Meanwhile naruto was on his way to sakura's to see if she wanted to go out or something. When he arived at sakura's house he knocked but no one was home. So then naruto decited to go look for sakura.
*Back to the training grounds!!!*
Sakura told Sasuke that she is going out with naruto because he was the only one who would pay any attention to her. sasuke then told her that if she dumps naruto her life will be much better off. Then all of a sudden a shy Huuga came to the training grounds where sasuke and sakura are. So then sasuke and sakura decited to go somewhere else and that place is the uchiha mansion. sasuke told sakura that Hinata is mad at you because your going out with naruto. sakura told him that she was planing on breaking up with naruto anyways because every day naruto always eat ramen which is driving me nuts. *sakura leaves*
* Back to naruto*
Sakura had finally caught up with naruto and told him that we need to talk. So the couple goes to sakura's house. Sakura told naruto that she can't go out with him anymore because she's in "LOVE" with someone else. She also told him that he will find another girl who will cherrish every moment with him . *naruto leaves sad*
A the training grounds naruto finds Hinata and asks her out. To his surprise she said "YES"
* Back with sakura*
Sakura was walking towards the uchiha mansion when she saw sasuke walking towards her. To sasuke's surprise she was crying so sasuke walked to sakura and embraced her with a hug. When sakura clamed down a bit sasuke asked her what was wrong. So she told him that it's very painful to break up with someone you love so dearly. Sasuke told sakura to come to his house so we can talk. Amazingly she went with him but she was still crying but it was more of a sob. When they finally reached the uchiha mansion sakura had finally stoped crying. When they got inside sasuke asked sakura if she will go out with him. Of course she couldn't pass up a opportunity like this so her answer was yes!!! Then sasuke gave sakura a kiss. He can tell that she was tired so he picked her up bridel style and took her up to his room and layed her on his bed. sasuke then took off his shirt and layed next to her on the bed. The next day sasuke had just waken up and just watched his perfect girlfriend sleep untill she woke up and stared into his onix eyes. Sasuke then asked Sakura what she wanted to do but Sakura did not answer him. Sasuke thought that she must still be upset from yesterday when she had to break up with Naruto. Finally,Sakura told Sasuke that she wanted to go to the park and sit under the cherry blossom tree. Sakura thought that Sasuke wouldn't want to go to the park but to her surprise Sasuke did.So they left to go to the park. When they got there sasuke asked sakura if she wanted to move in with him since her parents had died when she was very young. Sakura tried not to think of the past but then she started to break down in tears. Sasuke tried his best to calm her down but it didn't work. So he said"i guess you still want to live in your house all alone huh? Sakura finally gained the confidence to tell sasuke that she wanted to move in with him because she loves him so much. Then they heard a sound but it was only naruto and hinata. They sat down next to sasuke and sakura. Naruto had just found out that sakura was upset and crying so he asked what was wrong. sakura told him that she was thinking about her parents and her past. Then sakura got up and asked sasuke if they could leave and of course sasuke said"lets go."They left to go move sakura's things into sasuke's house.
*3 hours later at the uchiha mansion*
It was around noon and sakura had fallen asleep from all of the moving and all of the crying that she did. Sasuke was about to wake her up when there was a knock at the door. the person at the door was Shikamaru Nara one of the smartest and the lazyest person in the village. Sasuke then invited shikamaru in and asked him why he was here. Shikamaru then said" sasuke cut the crap sasuke i know she's here so let me take her back to lady tsunade." sasuke of course was clueless so shikamaru asked where is sakura haruno? sasuke said"what does tsunade want with sakura? so shikamaru answered"sakura is lady tsunade's partner and so she must always be where tsunade knows where she is dumbass. This is so troublesom. "Shikamaru do you think that i will tell you where sakura is "asked a angry sasuke? If you don't tell me then I have every right to search your house for her. Fianlly sasuke said " fine she moved in with me and she is upstaires in my bedroom sleeping." "Sasuke i know this must be painful for you to understand but sakura can't go out with you because she doesn't want a trader for a boyfriend. Even Gaara is better than you because he never betrayed his own village" said shikamaru. Then sasuke came after shikamaru and pushed him into a wall. Then sakura had woken up from the loud noise that came from downstairs. so she went to go see what it is. When she walked in the living room she asked sasuke and shikamaru to please stop fighting. Shikamaru and Sasuke both stopped fighting. Then sakura told sasuke that she has to go talk to lady tsunade to tell her where she is going to be living now.
*sakura and shikamaru leaves*
*At tsunade's office*
*sakura and shikamaru enter the office*
"Lady sunade i will now be living at the Uchiha mansion with sasuke "said sakura. *sakura leves*
*back with sakura*
Sakura was walking back to sasuke's house when she bumped into someone. she didn't know who it was because it was dark now. Sakura is that you asked a very familiar voice. As soon as sakura heard that voice she huged him. Then she asked sasuke i'm so sorry that it took me so long. Then they started to walk back home. Sakura was so tired that she callapsed but sasuke caught her and carred her home. When they got to the house sasuke took sakura up to his room and layed her down on the bed and then changed into his pj's. Then he woke sakura up so she can change into her pj's too!
When sakura finished putting on her pj's she climbed into bed but she couldn't sleep. When sasuke woke up it was in the morning. He looked over to see where sakura was sleeping last night but she wasn't there. Then he searched the whole house but sakura was no where to be found. Then sasuke found a note that said: sasuke i couldn't sleep so i went out on a walk i will be back by morning love, sakura. *3 hours later* Sasuke was getting worried because it was around 2pm and sakura was still not back so sasuke decided to go get some people who can help him find her. *sasuke leaves*
*to where sakura is*
Sakura was walking when she heard someone calling her name so she turned around. The person who was calling her name was no other than kiba. "sakura what in the hell do you think your doing "asked kiba. "I took a walk" answered a confused sakura. "sasuke is looking for you"said kiba. where is sasuke? He's over at naruto's worring about you. *sakura and kiba leave*
*over at naruto's house*
*knock Knock* Naruto answered the door and it was kiba with sakura. naruto told sasuke to come over here but he didn't because he was thinking about what could happen to his girlfriend. Then naruto invited kiba and sakura in. Kiba sat down next to Hinata while sakura just stood next to naruto. Then Sakura started to cry because she felt like she had hurt sasuke terribly. When sasuke heard someone crying he sat up to see sakura crying in the arms of Kiba. Then he got off of the sofa and asked sakura why she had left. Sakura looked up but only cryed on kiba even harder. Sasuke what did you do to her asked a very worried Kiba. Sasuke told kiba that he should let go of sakura and go sit on the sofa. This led to a fight and sakura asked kiba if he will go sit on the sofa so kiba did. "Sasuke can we go home"asked a sad sakura. Sasuke said"yea we need to talk" *sasuke and sakura left*
*where sasuke and sakura is*
"Sakura why did you leave last night"asked sasuke.Sakura told him that she left because she couldn't sleep so she took walk. Sakura when i woke up and didn't see you i was starting to freak out. When i asked kiba to help me look for you he told me to go over to naruto's to relax so i did. If you need a walk wake me up so i can go with you. They finally reached the uchiha mansion. Sakura asked sasuke if he was mad aat her but he did not answer. Sakura broke down into tears. Sasuke said"sakura i'm not mad at you." *they entered the house* "Sakura come over here" said Sasuke. Sakura did as she was told. Then sasuke kised her. Then sasuke pinned sakura against a wall with her hands above her head. Sakura said"sasuke what are you doing?" "Sakura i love you" said sasuke. Then she understood what he meant by that. Sasuke was about to kiss her again when there was a knock at the door. Sasuke answered the door it was naruto,hinata and kiba at the door. Sasuke invited everyone in. They all sat down.Hinata asked sakura"did sasuke do anything to you?" Sakura said"yea he pinned me against the wall and thats when you came." Sasuke came behind Sakura and said"we have something we have to do so get rid of these three." Sakura asked naruto,hinata and kiba if they will leave so they did. Then sasuke pinned sakura to a wall again but this time he started kissing her neck. Sakura broke free and put her arms around sasuke's neck. Then sasuke picked sakura up and took her to their room and layed her on the bed. sasuke took off his shirt and layed next to sakura. Then sakura fell asleep. Sasuke fell asleep right after sakura did. In the middle of the night around 3 am sasuke felt someone shaking him. He opened his eyes to see sakura crying. "sakura what is wrong" asked a concerned sasuke. "sasuke i'm so scared" answered a crying sakura.
Then saske said"why are you scared"? "I'm scared because i had a nightmare and i'm afraid tht it might come true" answered sakura. Sasuke sat up and held sakura so close like he will never see her again. When Sakura stopped crying she fell asleep in Sasuke's arms. When sasuke noticed this he layed sakura back down. Then he layed down and fell asleep. *In the morning*
Sasuke had just woke up to see Sakura still sleeping. He went to the restroom and took a shower and got dressed. when he came back to his room sakura was still asleep. Sasuke was going to go lay down but his cell phone rang so he answered it. "Hey how's sakura asshole "said Kiba an the other line of the phone. "Kiba let me guess you, hinata, and naruto want to come over"said sasuke. Kiba answered with a "yep." *Sasuke hung up the phone*
Sakura! sakura! sakura! Sasuke was trying to wake sakura up but she wouldn't wake up. Then sakura said" sasuke what is it?" It's time for you to wake up because Kiba,hinata,and naruto are comming over. Then sakura got up ond went to the restroom and got dressed. When she was done Sasuke was downstaires talking to kiba and naruto. Sakura went down staires and sat next to Hinata. "Hey um sakura" said the shy hinata. Sakura said"what is it?" Sasuke seems scared" answered hinata. Sakura walked bahind sasuke and said" is something wrong sasuke?"Sasuke told naruto and kiba that he will be right back. Then sasuke took sakura upstaires to their room. "sakura i'm scared because this morning you wouldn't wake-up. I'm also scared because you don't look that well at all" said sasuke. Sasuke then broke down in tears. Sakura heard footsteps near by. Then Naruto,Hinata, and Kiba walked in to see sasuke crying. Kiba and Naruto didn't move but Hinata went to sakura and said"what happened?" Then sakura dropped to the floor and stated crying. Kiba went over to Hinata and said"you go comfort sasuke while i comfort sakura." Then Hinata walked over to sasuke and put a hand on his back. Sasuke looked up to see Hinata. He also saw Kiba hugging his girlfriend. Sasuke got up and said"sakura?" Then Sakura got up and hugged sasuke. Sasuke broke the hug and walked over to Kiba, naruto,and hinata. Sasuke told them that he needed to talk to sakura alone. So they went downstaires. Sasuke then kisses sakura on the lips and said"don't ever scare me again." They left the room to go join their friends.When they got downstairs all their friends had left but there was a note. The note said"sasuke&sakura we left because we think that you two need to spend the day together. So we left. from naruto,kiba ,and hinata. "what do you want to do" asked sasuke. "Um well i want to make out" answered a uncertianed sakura. Then Sasuke pushed Sakura against a wall and started kissing her on the lips. Then he started kissing her on her neck. While kissing sakura, sasuke was playing with the end of her shirt because he wanted to take it off. He didn't realize but he was putting pressure to sakura's neck so she started to moan. "Sasuke stop! Sakura pushed sasuke off of her. " sakura i thought that you wanted to make out" said sasuke. "Sasuke your hurting me" yelled sakura. Then sasuke went upstairs into his room and slamed the door behind him. Sakura heard yelling comming from upstairs. Sakura called ino and told her everything. When sakura hung up the phone she was crying. *sakura leaves*
*with sakura*
Why is sasuke mad at me? Then sakura ran into someone and it was kiba with shikamaru and ino right behind him. "what did he do now"asked kiba. He was yelling so i left.
*At the uchiha mansion*
Sasuke finally calmed down and came downstairs to see that sakura was gone so he called ino. "ino it's me sasuke is sakura with you?" "sasuke sakura is with me if you need to see her we are at the park bye" *sasuke leaves*
*At the park*
"sakura please calm down" said ino. Sakura heard someone close by and sasuke walked to ino and said" what's wrong with sakura?" Sakura walked over to sasuke and said"why were you yelling?" "sakura can we talk at home"asked sasuke.
*sasuke and sakura leave*
*with sasuke and sakura*
I love you said sasuke. *they made it home* *they enter the house* Sasuke takes sakura upstairs to their room. "sakura if i try not to hurt you then do you want to make out" asked sasuke. Sakura said"yes!" Sasuke then pinned her to the bed and started kissing her neck. Then he played with her shirt and said"sakura can i take your shirt off or am i going too fast?" Sakura said "go ahead and do whatever you want to do because your going too slow if you ask me."
Sasuke then takes off his and sakura's shirt. He also took off sakura's bra and took off his pants. Then he took off sakura's pants. Sasuke sucked on sakura's nipple going light so he wouldn't hurt her. "sasuke that feels so good do it harder"said sakura. "I don't want to hurt you" answered sasuke. "Just do it"yelled sakura. Then sasuke started to suck harder. Sakura then started to say"I want more". So sasuke got on top of her and started licking her niple because he liked the way he felt when he was in controll. Then sakura kissed sasuke on the lips and their toungs explored eachothers mouths. Sasuke said"Sakura you taste so good." Then sakura's cell phone rang and she answered it. "Hello" said sakura. "Hey sakura it's me ino. can me, shikamaru, naruto, hinata,and kiba come over?" Sure answered sakura. *sakura hung up the phone* Hey sasuke get dressed ino,shikamaru,hinata,naruto, and kiba are comming over. *sasuke and sakura get dressed then go downstairs* Knock Knock Knock sakura answered the door. Come on in said sakura. everyone sat down. "Hey sakura anything good happen"aked ino. yes me and sasuke did it. ino and hinata yelled"what?"*with the boys* "Sasuke did you do it with sakura"asked kiba. Yes why do you ask. "One reason why kiba asked is that you have lipgloss all over your face" answered shikamaru. It was getting late so ino,shikamaru,kiba,naruto,and hinata left. Sakua fell asleep on the couch. Sasuke put a blanket on sakura then went upstairs and went to bed. The next morning sakura woke up around 3am and noticed that she was on the couch alone. So she went upstaires and climbed in bed with sasuke. "sakura is that you?" "yes it is." Then sasuke said "sorry i left you on the couch last night."
This is probably going to be a couple chapters long. i had a really fun time making this.
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AaryaKiseki Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A bit of heartbreaker coz' they did go far even though they started a few times.
please don't make to much interruption while Sasuke is trying to make out with Sakura!!!!! :anger:
just a piece of my mind
sakuraharuno998 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2009
okay i will try. I'm gonna update hopefully soon. I have a new account so i can't guarantee anything.
AaryaKiseki Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok, i'll be waiting!!
neko333 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2008
cool make more i really want to see what sakura says
sakuraharuno998 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2011
i'll try but i kinda got grounded so i'll try to make more though
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